Twittering Thursday

We missed last week’s ‘Twittering Thursday’ post as we were voting last thursday. Here is a quick look at what we were tweeting about and what tweets caught our attention…

We were tweeting about our book “Handmade in India” getting more than 1500 views in a single day. When we last checked, its our most popular book on our Scribd account with 1000+ downloads. We wonder if recession maybe one of the reasons that ‘Happy Maths 4 : Time and Money‘ is our second most downloaded book. Parents teaching kids the importance of time and money at an early age? Also stumbled upon the article Scholars wrote on Pratham Books.

Illustrator Alberto Cerriteño’s “Cactocyclops with Hat and Bow” made us grin and we quite liked this pop-up made from Indian currency. Browsed through the World Digital Library, looked at the Wikipedia Selection for schools, checked out Pronunciation Animations and watched an animated folktale “The Story of the Khichrahi Festival” done in the Gond art style. On World Earth Day (22nd April), we were looking at Google’s earth day logo and looking at pictures of 10 most incredible globes.

Stuff we were reading included “How to: Use Social Media to Champion International Causes“, what people’s favourite offline reference books are, why venture capitalists are eyeing the Indian education market, Rohini Nilekani’s article titled “Rising from the Ashes“, what a teacher and her grade 4/5 students are doing to change the world and how storytelling was used to promote tourism in Tamil Nadu.

Thoughtcrime Experiments“: a remixable, CC-licensed science fiction anthology is up for download.

We were retweeting…

@thecreativepenn‘s link to the private language of book inscriptions , @weheartbooks sent us to look at this vintage kid’s book site and @thecreativepenn sent us to read “The golden eras of writing for children offer fascinating stories for adult readers.”

Image Source: Frank Chimero


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