Tweeting Round-Up

Its that time of the week where we share what we have been reading and sharing on Twitter.
Our Maths series has become hugely popular on Scribd. You can take a look at some of our books on our Scribd account. If someone had to tweet Moby-Dick, it would take 12,849 updates for the entire story to unfold.

The Gates Foundation granted $100K each To 81 wild ideas. We were reading about “Incentives that work in Education“. Also, take a look at Chris Jordan’s portraits of global mass culture. Mother’s Day is over, but we took a look at this question and answer session with elementary school children about mothers. Take a look at Readius, the pocket E-reader. We were also reading “Endpaper – Fiction reaches a new level“.

The people we follow on twitter led us to many amazing things this week:

@CarinBerger led us to this awesome 3D view of a beautiful library.

@indianfolklore informed us about the new issue of Hindi and English bi-lingual journal on nomadic communities ‘Mukt-Saad

@thecreativepenn sent us to find out why authors should podcast, about Seth Godin’s accidental book success with Permission Marketing, the miniature versions of the first chapters of all 14 Bond books,

@booktagger‘s blog had an article on Damian Barr who was a reader in residence at the Andez Hotel in London during the London bookfair.

@afrigadget‘s post “What Do You See?” shows the ingenuity of different objects found in Africa that are made from available resources.

@thebetterindia led us to an article on 2 youngsters from India who are on a mission to make science a fun subject to learn.

@shioyama linked to an amazing example of community translation: Open-souce style translation project of “Shogi” book.

@globalvoices is seeking help from bloggers to help Global Voices Advocacy win $3000 by writing one post.

@weheartbooks tweeted about 10,000 copies of Mem Fox’s ‘Whoever You Are’ being distributed in East Timor and translated in Tetum.

@scholars was tweeting about the fabulous Mario de Miranda in a great new book from Architecture Autonomous de Goa.

@Storybird led us to this great post on Neil Gaiman’s blog about entitlements that fans of authors do and do not have.

We blogged about TED’s open translation project yeseterday. Then we saw that @pluggdin had linkedto the TED talks available in Hindi.

More updates on our Twitter account.

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