Time for Another Taranauts Contest

Via an email sent by Roopa Pai :

Yo earthkins!

It’s time for yet ANOTHER mastastic Taranauts contest!

The good stuff remains the same as always –

  • If you win the contest or are a runner-up, you get your name into Book 6 – Taranauts: The Key to the Shimr Citrines – due out in July 2012. 
  • All participants get a little something too.

But this time, there is more than just good stuff, there is even better stuff! Like –

  • Three top winners also get mastastic Taranauts ZapWrap 2 GB pendrives that you can wear! Runners-up getbook hampers from Hachette India.
  •  For the first time, the contest isn’t about words – it’s about drawing, drawing something from your imagination, drawing something called… a… KOLAVEROBOT!

Okay, that’s it. We’re zipping our lippings and not telling you any more! For all other contest details, watch the contest video here (we recommend doing at this first!) or read all about it here.

Hey, but you’d better click on those links quick – because the extended last date for entries is 26th April 2012!!! Winners will be announced on the website – www.taranauts.com two weeks after that.

Hurry Burry, earthkins!!!!


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