The Kahaani Festival is here.

Image source: Kahaani Festival

 This weekend do attend the Kahaani Festival which is going to add a new dimension to story telling. Aiming to enchant, empower and wow the audiences with a wide array of narratives from India as well as around the world, this festival is going to be an absolute treat for everyone.

Stories will be narrated through music, puppetry, poetry and just about every oral and written tradition of every kind. The festival has a number of workshops which are an opportunity for all the children to express and find their voice.

There is no joy like listening and telling tales. The Kahaani Festival will surge this joy manifold with story telling in many languages, many forms and traditions. An experience you wouldn’t want to miss. The Kahaani Festival Outreach will touch children who have not been able to enjoy the fun and the delight of sharing a story and story telling. The joy and the spirit of story telling will travel to schools, remedial and special education centres and hospital wards before and after the main festival.

The Festival is free to all and welcomes everyone. So be there on the 17th and 18th November 2012 at Pathways School, Noida and experience the joy of stories and storytelling as ideas flow creatively. 

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