“The Concept of Idea-Sharing is One I Love” – Manjari Chakravarti on the #6FrameStoryChallenge

When we spotted the first few frames of Manjari’s first story for the #6FrameStoryChallenge, we were eager to see how the story would develop. The medium (collage) Manjari was using caught our eye and that image of ‘fish rain’ falling on the little girl’s head is one that definitely remained in our heads. Soon, we had not one , but two stories sitting in our inbox. And two diverse illustration styles too! When someone on our Facebook events page asked Manjari about her different illustration styles, she went on to say : “I believe the ability of a good illustrator to adapt to different environments in stories, the characters, the moods is of great importance….also, happily, the point of good illustration is also good art, to make children aware of different viewpoints, and approaches, aesthetically speaking. And to NEVER talk down to them. So yes, I had fun exploring different moods in two different stories with different moods.”

The #6FrameStoryChallenge is a unique idea, and includes all story -lovers and creators in its fold- it opened its doors to so many creative people who would not usually have a chance to express their love of illustration. Apart from this , the concept of idea-sharing is one I love. The idea of a book – or a few – in every child’s hand is something I love even more.

(Manjari Chakravathi is an artist by profession. She also loves to illustrate, because she loves books. She illustrated The Illustrated Premchand (OUP) by
David Ruben. In 2014, she illustrated The Circle by Ken Spillman and also The Great Storyteller (also by Ken Spillman) for
Scholastic Singapore.)
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