Storytelling Sessions in Bangkok

Vijaylakshmi Nagaraj, the author of our book ‘Rhino Charge’, sent us pictures from a storytelling session she held for kids in a school in Bangkok.

Vijaylakshmi was in Bangkok in the month of February to celebrate her grandson’s 5th birthday. Her grandson informed his teacher that his grandmother was a storyteller and had also written books for children. As a special treat for his classmates, Vijaylakshmi was invited to conduct a storytelling session in his classroom. Her grandson chose the book ‘Rhino Charge’ which was written by Vijaylakshmi and published by Pratham Books.

Vijaylakshmi says :

“The ELC school where he studies has children from all over the world .

The children were excited and all ears as I narrated the story. The illustrations also appealed to them. I narrated the story with a lot of action and voice modulation.

At the end of it, they all wanted to visit India and go to Kaziranga. It was also the first time has come face to face with the author of a book. They asked questions like – “How did you get the idea to write about a baby Rhino?” ” Who made the drawings?’ ” What do you think Rhinos eat?”

I was delighted to see the happy faces asking for more stories and have promised to present “Rhino Charge ” and a few other books for their school library.”


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