Six of our stories in Braille, on World Braille Day

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We love receiving
books. Yesterday, when we received two copies of a book developed by
our friends at Pratham Education Foundation, we were quite thrilled.
We looked at them, and ran our hands over the pages. You
see, they had come right in time for us to celebrate World Braille
on January
4, the birthday of French educator and Braille
inventor, Louis Braille.
Developed  as a library project to make accessible material for children with disability, the book carries six stories published by Pratham Books: 

Louis Braille created the Braille system because he loved to read. Thanks to him, and to the funding organization CBM, Pratham Education Foundation will be able to take our stories to over 100 libraries in Maharshtra and Madhya Pradesh.

The book is not available for sale now, but the non-Braille books are available as print books. They can be read for free in English here:  Cheep Cheep Drip Drip, Bunty and Bubbly, Goloo the Circle, Avani and the Pea Plant, Anaya’s Thumb, and The Timid Train. 


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