Round Up

1. From the papertigers blog : A list of book related events happening in the month of January all across the world. Check if there are any happening in your city. Here are some events that may be of interest to our readers in India:

Jaipur Literature Festival~ Jan 21 – 25, Jaipur, IndiaKolkata Book Fair~ Jan 28 – Feb 8, Kolkata, India

2. From The Millions blog : A list of books to look forward to in 2009.

The publishing industry (and every other industry) may be going down the tubes, but readers won’t be wanting for good new books this year, I suspect. Readers will get their hands on new Pynchon, Atwood, Lethem, and Zadie Smith – those names alone would make for a banner year, but there’s much more

3. Are you one of those people who loves quotes? One of those who writes down a beautiful quote in an equally beautiful handmade paper book? Or dip that hardly used ink pen into a pot of ink and carefully stylize your handwriting to write it down and put it on the pin board above your desk? Or need a fancy quote to start your presentation with? Now where do you find these quotes? Access 1,000,000 quotes in your browser at QuotesDaddy.

Ever found yourself in a bookstore where books with fascinating graphics magically make your hands reach out and pull the book off the shelf? And then they magically cast a spell on you that compels you to buy the book because of the brilliance of the cover. Now you can visit The Book Cover Archive to do indulge in some book cover browsing. It is a site for the appreciation and categorization of excellence in book cover design.


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