Pratham Books at SAP Labs

As part of Diversity Week, SAP Labs (Bangalore) organized a retail experience for their employees on their  campus and Pratham Books was their CSR partner.
With a team of 3 people, we were very excited to spread the joy of reading. We reached around 10 am and the main canteen was almost empty. It was a very windy day and we were having trouble setting the standee up. But a few employees who were present helped us get a few bricks and fix our standee. Once the stall was up, a lot of employees were checking out our books and most of them said, “Please keep these aside,. We will come around lunch time and collect it”.
The clock struck noon and within no time all the seats in the empty canteen were filled. Slowly people started gathering around us and enquiring and checking out our books in huge numbers. The response was absolutely overwhelming and we loved their eagerness to buy books for their kids and other kids whom they knew . Our team was working on full throttle – taking enquiries, making bills and handing out necessary change. At one point of time there was a huge queue at the billing centre. People waiting in the line were getting impatient and telling their colleagues  -“yaar jaldi kar na”.

The highlight of the day was when a
couple walked in around 4pm and bought books from every level and language that was available  and said – “we are going to distribute all these books to under-served kids in our neighborhood”.

We would like to thank everyone who
came to our stall and bought our books. Also a special mention to the SAP labs organizing team & volunteers, without whom this activity wouldn’t have been possible.
If you would like to have a book
fair at your organization, click here and fill in the form.. We will get back
to you shortly.

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