Review of “Cheenu’s Gift” and “At the seaside”

Earlier this month, we were giving out review copies of few of our books. We were excited to hear what all of you thought of our books (the good things and the bad things!) and hope that this feedback from people (educators, parents, book lovers, children) will help us create better books and help you choose books for your own kids.
The book reviews come from Anuradha who is a teacher and enjoys reading our books to her students!

Review of Cheenu’s Gift:

Cheenu’s Gift written by Sridhar Swami and illustrated by Sanjay Sarkar is a delightful pick from the extensive collection of Pratham Books Publications. It is bound to be an instant favourite with children with its easily identifiable theme. The story etches out a day in the life of a little boy ,Cheenu, whose father is a newspaper collector.In the course of the story the author succeeds in clothing the newspaper seller in a mystique drawing attention to the awe with which Cheenu regards his fatehr’s profession. After all he is the only one in his school whose father ‘came to pick him up’ from school. Those words endear Cheenu to us instantly. Accompanying the story are vivid illustrations that bring to life a day in an average Indian household. The helpful sub-text for vernacular words used in between manages to bridge the gap for readers of diverse languages. This book is certainly a must buy for children.
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*******************************************************************Review of At the Seaside:

Nowhere in the world is a child’s imagination let loose than at the beach.Besides the waves, by the sand dunes,picking shells,all of us are bound to have countless nostalgic moments in the scrapbook of our life.All those moments can be relived in Swarna Dutta’s delightful story,At the Seaside, lovingly illustrated by Amitava Sengupta.An offering by Pratham Books Publications, this book makes for an easy read with its even font and ready pace.A day at the beach with the family exploring the beauty of the seashore ,the siblings overcome their apprehensions of sea creatures and their worries of being swept away by the sea.The father lovingly instructs them as does the mother about the sea and in the process help the children come closer to nature .The children come to the beach agog with excitement and come away from their day there with stories to tell of the different people they met –the fishermen ,the man working on sand to create a work of art…In short their day is truly memorable.At the end of the day ,this book succeeds in keeping us absorbed with its striking visuals and smooth story line .Most certainly a book to have in your library .
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