Report on Water Conservation from Akal Academy Punjabi Medium Cheema

We had previously written about the Akal Academy (EM), Cheema and the water conservation related activities being held in their school. The Principal has recently sent us an email detailing what they did and pictures too – we love what they’re doing to spread the message of water conservation amongst their students!
More pictures and a full report below…

The Akal Academy Punjabi Medium, Cheema has 723 students, 32 teachers and 3 non teaching staff. Our grateful thanks to the Principal, Bayant Kaur.
Report on water conversation programme from Akal Academy Punjabi Medium Cheema

In the morning assembly all the students along with staff took a pledge to conserve water. One of the teachers, Varkha Singh (Punjabi teacher) delivered a speech on the topic. After having pledge the students of 5th, 6th and 7th class were sent to nearby village named Ugrahan. They marched in the village having banners in their hands in the form of a Chetna March; they reached the Dharmsala of the village. There they performed a stage programme which started with a Shabad followed by a religious song. Then the students of 7th class played a skit which conveyed a message to conserve water. Hardeep Kaur of 10th class made a speech touching different aspects of water. Mr. Balbir Singh (S.St teacher) and Mr. Jaspal Das (S.St teacher) also delivered speeches and told the farmers gathered there to adopt crop rotation and save water for future and they threw light on keeping the environment neat and clean.

The students of 4th and 5th classes presented poems related to water.

Hari Singh (Panchiat member and Member of Gurudwara parbandak committee), Darshan Singh (Member of Gurudwara parbandak committee), Karnail Singh Mann (Writer) praised this programme.

All the people gathered there very much impressed and ask the teachers to visit the village with such type of programmes of awareness.

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