Rajiv Eipe on Taking the #6FrameStoryChallenge

We are hosting the #6FrameStoryChallenge – a challenge for illustrators to come up with a children’s story using just 6 illustrations. We’ve already started seeing a few illustrators sign up for the challenge on the Facebook event page and we are really excited to see the new worlds our illustrator friends are going to take us to.
We also have 8 Illustrator Gurus who are part of this challenge. Their 6 frame stories will be released through the Challenge and also showcased on the platform. 
Rajiv Eipe is the first Illustrator Guru who sent in his story. We asked Rajiv what made him participate in the #6FrameStoryChallenge.

Rajiv : #6FrameStoryChallenge seems like a compelling idea, and I can imagine how herculean a task it might be for Pratham Books to build this library of images, so I was keen to contribute. The open-source story publishing platform sounds bold and exciting. Though I haven’t yet fully been able to wrap my small head around how the whole thing will work, I’m very curious to see what the end user comes up with by borrowing illustrations from the image-bank. Picking 6 words from the word wishlist and stringing together a narrative is also a fun way to get story juices flowing. I highly recommend it!

So, you’ve heard it from Rajiv. Wondering what to do this weekend? Well, sign up for the #6FrameStoryChallenge and lets see those stories.
Also, join the Facebook event page to follow all the excitement and inspiration being shared by other artists.
(Rajiv Eipe lives in Bangalore and works on Animation and Illustration projects. He has illustrated books for publishers like Katha, Tulika, Red Turtle, Pratham Books, MantaRay, etc. and has created numerous short animation films for television, film and the internet. He also likes to doodle in his sketchbook, drink more coffee than is good for him, maintain an untidy workspace and gaze into vacant space at short intervals. He posts his work here, sometimes: www.behance.net/rajiveipe)

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