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This month A.S.M.’s Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium Primary School Pune, presented books to all the children of Std 1and the children were very happy and enjoyed reading our various titles, writes Sandhya, our Pune based editor.

This is what their teacher Madhavi Deshpande says:

 It has been established beyond a shadow of doubt that the habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy.

We at Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium Primary School, Pune help our students not only to form the habit of reading , but to make reading one of their deep and continuing needs. Every year on the 8th September we observe our Founder’s Day. This day we give away prizes and awards for the previous academic year. We also present all the 240 students of Std I with a book. This is to appreciate their ability to transit from a non formal school set up to a formal school set up , with ease. We believe that books are the greatest gifts, to give them a passion for reading.

Our children of Std I were simply in awe of the books. They appreciated the texture of the paper and the illustrations, the most. The bold print enabled our students to read with ease. Some of the titles e.g. ‘The Onion’s Shawl’, ‘The Royal Toothache’ amused the students very much. 

To sum up, the titles do not simply teach children to read. They stretch the imagination as in case of ‘Too Many Bananas’ Teach values as in case of ‘The Flyaway Cradle’ Encourage students to reach towards people who are different from them. e.g. information about the author as given at the end of every book.

Coax students to think and create as in the story ‘Rain Rain’ The experience of buying books from Pratham Books was very enriching. 


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