Grandfather Cherry Blossom Goes to Japan

Keiko Tsuji, the wonderful illustrator who did the watercolours for Grandfather Cherry Blossom and Other Folktales from Japan sent us these pictures from an exhibition in Japan that featured this book. You can see more of Keiko’s work over at her blog.

She was very happy that many people came by to see her work and wrote:

“I’ve just finished my exhibition. Many people came at the Gallery and admired the books !!  And I was very happy to have some Indian friends!!”

There was also a small write-up on this though we aren’t quite sure what it says. Any Japanese speakers here who can help translate this for us please?

And thanks to The blogger fka ? @shioyama, we are told that the first paragraph translates to approximately:

“Japanese Folk Tales meet India: Exhibition of picture books in Kobe”: Miki city resident and oil painter Tsuji Keiko is holding a solo exhibition of her works at Kitano Zaka Gallery, Yamamoto Dori 1, Chuo Ward, Kobe. The exhibition features illustrations drawn for a collection called “Japanese Folk-Tales”, of Japanese folk stories directed at children in India, and opens a window onto a distinctive world of exotic, nostalgia-evoking works.

You too can buy this book from here.


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