Pratham Books Calendar 2013 contest

 Pratham Books is all set to launch a special calendar for 2013. This calendar features a different place on every page, so you discover a new location in India with every passing month. Know Meghalaya, Kutch, Tawang, Hampi, Andamans, Gopalpur a little more closely through delightful illustrations and quirky facts that are sure to put a smile on your face! What’s more you can weave your own little story and get featured on our calendar!

How to participate:
Choose your favorite place from the ones mentioned below. Take the key words associated with the place and weave your own story in less than 100 words. Winning stories from each place will get featured in our 2013 calendar.
Entries open for children below 14 years only!

Where and how to send the entry:
Send your entries to [email protected]
The entries need to be sent in a word document.
Entries in English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Urdu and Bengali are welcome.
Don’t forget to mention your name, age and contact numbers in the email.

Contest Deadline:
Like all good things contest ends 26th December 2012. Only entries with the words given below will be eligible for the contest. Choose any place from the ones given below and use all the words associated with that place in your story!

Choose any one from the word -worlds given below:
•    Meghalaya: Thanksgiving | Jingbam | Riverside | Elephants | Rain
•    Kutch: Wildlife | Script | Ports | Largest | Embroidery
•    Tawang: Hello | Tea | Momos | Noodles | People
•    Wayanad: Caves | Eucalyptus | Elephants | Coffee | Fire
•    Sunderbans: Tiger | Goddess | Tidal wave| Boat | Forest
•    Andamans: Barking | Island | Lighthouse | Japanese | Jail
•    Ladakh: Telescope | Archery | Schools | Trails | Delicious
•    Bastar: Goddess | Myna | Road | Waterfall | Cave
•    Gopalpur-on-Sea: Lighthouse | Sunrise | Dolphin | Crab | Cargo
•    Hampi: Monkey | Forts | Visitors | Music | Stonemason
•    Jaisalmer: Library | Mirror-work | Fort | Border | Sand stone
•    Kolhapur: Chappal | Misal | Demon | Statue | Temples

Some sample stories to get you thinking:
Tawang: Hello | Tea | Momos | Noodles | People
Momos in Tawang
Gyume liked to eat noodles. He liked to eat momos even more. They were big, and steamed, and tasty and made him feel so happy! One day,when all the people he knew were away at work, he walked to the riverside to sit and dream about momos. Suddenly it started raining. A kitten started mewing. Gyume picked up the wet kitten and ran to let it into a hut that he saw nearby. “Hello, anybody home?” asked Gyume. “Oh thank you for bringing Kitty in,” said an old lady. “Here, have these fresh momos, boy! And I’ll make you some hot tea too. Happy New Year!” Gyume was so happy this was not a dream!

Wayanad : Caves | Eucalyptus | Elephants | Coffee | Fire
We were sipping hot coffee around a campfire when we heard a group of elephants trumpeting in the lush forests of Wayanad. The elephants looked a bit irate. Wonder what had offended them! Akash thought it was because we did not share our coffee and elephants must be coffee lovers. Bindya, influenced by hindi films tried to drug the elephants with a her duppata dipped in eucalyptus oil. This only seemed to aggravate them more! Finally we were able to take refuge in a cave. Ahhhh were those bats that we saw…………and then we ran!


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