Pratham Books and Cisco come together for a book reading session

As a part of their CSR initiative, Cisco collaborated with Pratham Books to come together for a book reading session at GKMPS, Kormangala in Bangalore on 12th July, 2013
With a team of two people from Pratham Books and twenty two volunteers from Cisco we reached the school post lunch to start our book reading session. The time given to us by the school to start the session was 2pm but we reached twenty minutes earlier to settle down a bit. It was a fabulous sight. As soon as we entered the gates of the school, we saw children running from one side to the other, some playing kho kho and chain chain. With these visuals gushing before our eyes we all were suddenly transported back to our childhood and wished we could go back to school again.
We settled ourselves in the library of the school and the volunteers from Cisco were handed over books and activity sheets. It was a super session for the children. From making Christmas trees to filling in colours in the vegetables or coming infront of their class to speak about their best friend – they did it all.
The highlight of the day was when a group of children were supposed to write a few lines about their mother and one of them wrote “I love you mom” almost a hundred times ! When asked if he had nothing more to write, he replied “I love my mom this much” !
It fills our heart that in a small little way we brought stories to the lives of children at GKMPS, Kormangala. If you would like to do the same, join the tribe of Pratham Books champions. To read more about the champions click here.


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