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Children Reading Pratham Books and Akshara

A quick look at our top 5 blog posts in the month of June.

1. Battling Stereotypes in Children’s Books – A question on Twitter about avoiding gender stereotypes gave rise to this post. We additionally asked 4 children’s books publishers in India to share a list of books that battle gender stereotypes.

2. Launch of books in Tribal Languages – The news of our book launch in 4 new languages gave rise to a lot of excitement. (Additional details about the books can be found here : 1, 2, 3, 4).

3. Remixed. Retold. Now, Time to Rejoice! – We announced the results of our ‘Retell, Remix and Rejoice’ contest. This also means that we have 40 new user-generated stories to share. Go on, get reading!

4. Pratham Books is looking for a Layout artist (Digital Books) – Yes, we are!

5. The Bare Bone storytelling : Only basics are important – Payoshni hears about the Bare Bone storytelling technique and shares it on the blog (probably of special interest to our lovely #PBChamps too)

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