Announcing the results of the Make Ritu’s Letter Longer Blogathon!

I think it’s fair to say that the participation in the Make Ritu’s Letter Longer Blogathon fair blew us away. In all, we received 53 entries that ran around 2500 words, including Mala’s opening and closing lines. That’s on an average 250 lines, which Ritu could just not have fit onto a postcard! So she used a postal envelop by the way and put a 5 rupee stamp… 🙂

We asked little Bheema and Bhimanthi help pick winners for the Blogathon and they picked as follows:

  1. Anu Shankarn
  2. Nanda Ramesh
  3. Renu
  4. Sandhya (Sandhyaryal)
  5. Smitha Jacob
  6. Sonali Pota
  7. Stian Haklev
  8. Sweta Lal
  9. Vibha Sharma
  10. Vibhor Malik

Could the ten of you listed above please email Balkrishna (balkrishna at prathambooks dot org) with your postal address so that we can send you each a copy of the book signed by the author?

You can download the letter as a Word document from here. Would anyone be interested in volunteering to lay this out such that we can share it with everyone please? Feel free to use illustrations from our Flickr archive or your own doodles too.

Thank you *ALL* so very much for participating – our only pity is that we could not give all of you something.

P.S.: The Bangalore Mirror carried a small feature on this Blogathon.


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