PictureBox’s Patronage-based Publishing Model

PictureBox is using a publishing model where they are asking consumers to pay before they publish two graphic novels.

Powr Mastrs 3 and If ‘n Oof will only be printed if enough money is raised ahead of time by pre-orders for the comics. When someone does pre-order either of the books, their name will be listed inside the book, along with their level of support. Picturebox is offering four different price tiers that come with an increasing number of bonuses, such as limited edition prints, as the dollar amount rises. Only 400 people per book are needed to get them published.

With the uncertainty and cost associated with producing a physical item, this kind of patronage model works well to gauge interest, secure money, and create a special community (only accessible by purchase) around the product.

Read the article on PSFK. Read more about this publishing model on Comics Comics.

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