Paulo Coelho’s New Book on His Blog

Paulo Coelho is one author who ‘gets it’. He does know how to leave a trail of delicious words to entice his readers to read his books. And he surely does know how to engage with his audience in this new world of publishing.

Via Booktagger

Paulo Coelho has sold more than 130 million copies of his books ,which include the best seller “The Alchemist”. There are not many author’s who have similar reach in audience. Paul has a way of grabbing attention from the start, and his new book, “The Winner Stands Alone”, is no exception. The book will be published sequentially, and free, on his blog. One chapter will be released every Tuesday and Friday. Check out his first chapter.

He even has advice for new authors: don’t be greedy, give away content for free, and if you’ve written a book and want to sell it then knock on doors.

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