Our Social Publishing Strategy Wins the IndiaSocial Case Challenge in the Long-term Initiatives Category

Yeeeehawwwww! We’ve won something…and we’ve won because of ALL OF YOU!!

The IndiaSocial Case Challenge invited submissions of social media work in India from brands, private and government organisations, not-for-profits, media bodies, celebrity brands from February 3, 2010 through March 2, 2010. The judges were looking for both strategic and tactical cases; cases that showcased rigour; cases that made (and continue to make) an impact.

So, we sent in our submission and crossed our fingers…

…and yesterday we found out through a tweet from @IndiaSocial that we had won! Yahooooo. Our case study had won and the page said:

IndiaSocial Case Challenge – edition 1
Category: Long-term Initiatives

Winner of Position #1

Title : Social Publishing Strategy at Pratham Books

In it’s simplest, what we seek to do is create a social publishing strategy for Pratham Books. We began with content and context in the form of our published content and the cause which we used to initiate a conversation around the subject of reading and children. Over time, we have been able to establish some sort of authority, as it may be, in this space and with time, we hope to build trust within the little community we curate. And this, over time, translates to engagement and loyalty. Have we been successful? It’s too soon to tell but we’d like to think we’ll get there because we have an awesome community. We’d like to think that we spread the love, so to speak, but realistically, we’re going to have to build a platform sometime soon to engage our community to co-create and do so much more to contribute to the cause of a book in every child’s hand.

Via exchange4media

‘Social publishing strategy’ case study of Pratham Books made the best use of social media in locating, distributing and co-creating content. By being resourceful and adaptive on social media, the publishing house managed to undertake initiatives like Skype reading sessions, audio books for National Association of Blind, along with facilitating and improving accessibility of their books to audiences.

Read more here.

You can read the entire case study here and see how you have helped along the way. Ifyou have an idea you’ve been trying to implement and think that we can help in any way, feel free to shoot us a mail at web (at) prathambooks (dot) org.

The other winners of the IndiaSocial Case Challenge (Long-term initiatives) were Fastrack’s Fastrack fans and Cleartrip’s brand travel through social media. The winners of the IndiaSocial Case Challenge (Short-term projects) were Mitsubishi Cedia Sport – the Great Driving Challenge, Dr Mani Children Heart Foundation’s Tweetathon and WWF India’s Earth Hour. You can view all the case studies here.

And for those of you who want to join our movement of “a book in every child’s hand”, take a look at what we have planned for this year (here and here) and let us know if we could do something better.

Thank you all for being a part of this community.


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