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The theme for the November 2014 issue of The Book Review is ‘Children’s Books’. Many of our books have been featured in this issue. 

Chandra Chari reviews the Adi kahani series and writes…

Pratham Books has come out with a winner set for readers in the making.  
Adi Kahani, with resonances from the Panchatantra tales, have a lovely lilt to the titles themselves. When I read some of them to my granddaughter Dharma, she loved the sound of Aisla…basila..and kept repeating them! As would other children. Or, Doong Doong Dum Dum,. The Dancing Elephants again would bring a burst of joy in the young reader.
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Partho Datta goes on to review ‘We Call Her Ba

Sen Gupta is helped by Neeta Gangopadhya’s brilliant illustrations. The pictures in the book are done in pen and ink and many take up the whole page. Careful photographic research must have gone into these illustrations.  

This little biography is a great read, the prose is lucid and can be enjoyed by everyone (not just children). Printed on glossy paper, this attractive book at Rs.50 is a steal.

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The magazine also has small snippets about some of our other books. You can also find our editor Manisha Chaudhry’s review of ‘Captain Coconut and the Case of the Missing Bananas’ (by Tara Books) and Lynette’s Journey (by Eklavya). 
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