Nurturing Your Child’s Passion

We came across the following story through a tweet and it was just something that brought a big smile to our faces.

A father (Kiruba Shankar) tweets and blogs about a book his daughter has written and goes on to launch the book at the community hall in his apartment.

My 8 year old daughter, Krithya, has written her first book and we are having a small launch function at our apartment’s community hall. We would like to cordially invite you to the book launch function.

Please treat this as our personal invitation and it would be our delight to have your presence and blessings. I feel its a defining moment in the young girl’s life and your presence would be great encouragement.

Kiruba also encourged people who couldn’t make it for the launch to either call or leave a comment on the blog post to encourage Krithya. Cute eh? Read the entire story here.

We also liked the post on the Baby Loves Books blog which considers the above example as a good example of ‘making writers out of readers and nurturing your child’s passion.

I read about this 8-year old’s first Book Launch and just had to share it. Just another endearing example to show that parents and other grown-ups in a child’s life have a HUGE role to play when it comes to shaping the child’s attitudes, beliefs and personality.
Now, there’s nothing unusual about an 8-year old writing a story. (Not to take away from Krithya’s talents and efforts – I’m sure she’s an amazing young lady.) But, considering how fertile children’s imaginations are and how they constantly feed their curiosity, it’s hardly a surprise that kids have the ability to weave fascinating and entertaining tales that could give best-selling authors a run for their money. But what’s remarkable about this story is how the little girl’s parents go out of their way to encourage her and give wings to her dreams. Kiruba is considered one of India’s top bloggers. He plays a key role in organizing blogging and social media events, entrepreneur’s meet-ups and bringing people and aid together for disaster relief measures. So organizing a book launch was probably a piece of cake. But the fact that he takes his 8-year old’s book this seriously is what makes the difference. The takeaway from this story is how special and important he and his wife have made their daughter feel on the occasion of the ‘launch’ of her first book.There are a couple of important lessons in this story for all parents –

Don’t disregard imagination.
Make a big deal out of kids’ efforts.

Read the entire post here.

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