The New Face of Books?

Books are constantly getting a makeover these days. Books don’t just exist on paper anymore. Now they have an audio component, a video component and more…

Bradley Inman wants to create great fiction, dramatic online video and compelling Twitter stream — and then roll them all into a multimedia hybrid that is tailored to the rapidly growing number of digital reading devices. Mr. Inman, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, calls this digital amalgam a “Vook,” (vook.tv) and the fledgling company he has created with that name just might represent a possible future for the beleaguered book industry.

And just as digital media have begun to change the nature of news, music and video, the emergence of e-books is causing various entrepreneurs and technologists to reconsider the kind of experience that books might one day deliver.

Last year, considering the opportunities that e-book devices like the Amazon Kindle might someday create, Mr. Inman wrote his own thriller, “The Right Way to Do Wrong” and got TurnHere to film two dozen short videos with actors that augment the book’s main mystery.

WEBook, a venture-backed start-up in New York, allows people to collaborate on writing books and is working on new ways to let readers give writers real-time feedback on their work.

“This is a new kind of storytelling for kids who are growing up using technology and being formed by it in ways we can’t even imagine,” Ms. Holton said. “We are inviting them to collaborate and participate.”

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