Lovely Murals for Libraries

The variety and choice of books you house (and whether your librarians are good too) in your library will always determine whether it entices kids to come to libraries. And if you nail that and make your library look as spectacular as these libraries, I am quite sure that you will always have a crowd of kids flocking to your library to read.
Via Pentagram

Nearly nine years ago, Pentagram was asked to contribute to a visionary effort by the wonderful (and design-conscious) Robin Hood Foundation: an initiative to build new school libraries in elementary schools throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

Along the way, we discovered something interesting. The libraries are usually located in older buildings with high ceilings, but the shelves in the libraries can’t be built higher than kids can reach. This means there is a space between the top shelf and the ceiling, an up-to-six-foot band around the room just begging for something special. That something turned out to be murals.

And this is what happened…

See more pictures here.

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