A Letter from a Member of Our Community

Sweta Lal, a participant of our ‘Retell, Remix and Rejoice with Chuskit‘ writes about her journey as a writer and how the contest gave her an opportunity to publish her book (thanks to Pothi.com).

Dear Pratham Team,

When my story from the Chuskit Contest started its journey it got topped up by Gautam’s request for a Guest Post. I am so pleased to be writing my first blog for the Pratham team, the finest I have ever come across. They are always so warm with their responses and with the team members guiding you, one can never go wrong at any turn.

It had been my dream to become a writer since I was in school. The day literature started making sense to me I fell in love with it. I knew one day I would get into writing but as if I was waiting for a distant day to approach to give me enough time to do that. I always found excuses to be too busy at my studies when in college, then at job & home after that.

Every literary post and released book made me realize how I longed to be there. Slowly and gradually I decided to make the transition, joined literary groups, explored, learned, made mistakes and I love this learning process. Today I am so happy to see myself on track. Earlier I felt as if only a few chosen ones made it big. Now it seems I can. The realization seems more real & closer with every passing day…

Pratham for me really means “The First”. It gave me an opportunity to get my Book published, bringing lots of appreciation for me from near and far, a boost to my writing career. I did send a few copies of my book to my School Library and my parents. Their overwhelming responses added the icing to the cake. My best buddies cheered me up like anything and their words mean a lot to me.

The journey has been really rewarding considering that I got associated with an organization with a noble cause on top of its agenda. I got to learn a lot from the whole process of getting into publishing and each day has been a valuable learning experience. I love reading their blog updates every day and my day is never over without it. They seem to open up new horizons for me with every click. So much of creativity & colors… it literally stretches ones imagination to unknown limits.

Hoping, the best is yet to come.
Lots of good wishes
Sweta Lal,
Melbourne, Australia

Sweta’s book ‘Amanda on Magic Wheels’ can be purchased here.


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