Knowledge by Identity

We’re always excited when people tell us how they have used our books. And so we took permission from Arnab B. Chowdhury, founder-knowledge architect, Ninad, to share the email he had sent us. Arnab’s case study titled ‘When Technology Meets Health Care in Knowledge Society -Aurosiksha: online learning platform for blindness prevention workers’ was one of the top four papers selected at SEARCC 2011 seminar (South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation). Thanks, Arnab, for sharing our book ‘Forever Friends’ with your nephew Ahan, and a big thank you for sending us this mail too!

“Interestingly, I have been experimenting with a couple of Pratham books with my 1.10 year old nephew – Ahan, for the past four months.

One of your books has provided a perfect tool for him to learn to identify animals and human relationship via the illustrations – using both English and Bengali. He started this identification process via the sounds that each of the animals makes 🙂
He is also pretty high on musical intelligence and dances with the metronome and all genres of music.

This experiment has added an interesting food for thought to our pedagogy research on Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Education system where ‘Knowledge by Identity’ is one of the advanced cornerstones.

Interestingly, every year, we submit an action research report on observed practices centered on Integral Education to DSIR (Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research, Delhi) on behalf of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust.

So thank you and your team @ Pratham Books!!

Photograph by Arnab B Chowdhury,of little Ahan taken during one of the many interactive learning sessions with ‘Forever Friends’.


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