Introducing Nimisha…

I am Nimisha Shirodkar, a Goan by lineage but born and
brought up in Belgaum, Karnataka. I have a Masters in Medical Microbiology but
a heart that loves to write. Working in the healthcare sector has its own pros
and cons albeit I chose to change my path because I wanted to be associated
with a job or work that allowed me to speak my mind out. Be it talking for
hours together or writing for hours together I can happily do both.

I was an early reader, however, I was mistaken to be an
autistic . That didn’t really matter because words had a magical effect on me.
I was slow with numbers, for a matter of fact I still find it terribly annoying
how alphabets get converted to numbers in algebra. Books have ruled my life
ever since I learnt to read, a virtue which I owe to my mother who used to
teach. I never really had career plans, not that I was less ambitious, it was
just that I had made up my mind that I would do anything that was associated
with books.
This was how I started working as an Academic and content
writer precisely 4 years ago. I was pursuing my Post-graduation then. I now
freelance as a consultant microbiologist, writer and editor and also train
school children for competitive exams. I also train students from the rural
background in English and communication skills.
The reason I chose to apply for this internship was ofcourse
because it dealt with books, but another reason why I wanted to be associated
with this internship was mainly because the idea appealed to me. Being a tutor
and a teaching students belonging to different age groups I realised that most
people lack reading skills. Making students realise the importance of reading
is what I aim to do. I am well aware of the fact that I would not have much
interaction with students or children in this internship but it will definitely
help me work on my writing styles and skills. This internship is like a
platform as well as a learning ground for me to not just enhance my skills but
also learn a great deal.
This internship will definitely be a great experience
because it is going to help me understand the finer points about the widely
used social media and its uses. It will help me use my creativity. To sum it
all in a nutshell this internship is going to help me widen my views and
knowledge about the social media which in one way have evolved to become the
windows to the world.

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