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We first spotted a tweet which informed us about Amazon lowering the price of Kindle and making it available internationally. We have done several posts on the Kindle reader, but now that it will soon be available to the Indian reader, what does that mean?
Via trak.in

It is very much available in India and you can even pre-order it through Amazon now – Buy Kindle (Kindle with U.S. & International Wireless will be available for shipment to customers in over 100 countries around the world on October 19.)

But before you click on that link, remember there are many questions yet to be answered for Indian Kindle consumers.

So the first thing is that Kindle is not going to cost you just $259 (approx. 12.5k rupees) – There is a custom duty of close to 40% (I assume so..) which is levied on all imported electronics & computer items. So, the Kindle with Custom duty comes close to Rs. 17000/- roughly.

So after you have procured the gadget, now what. The new Kindle works on 3G with AT&T worldwide, we dont have that and will have to probably wait for Kindle partnership with various providers. But wait, do we even have 3G as yet ! so that particular feature is useless atleast for now. yes, it does have wireless/ GPRS/ EDGE connectivity – so you can download you stuff via these available methods. And, other small aspect is that you dont have to worry about US-India Voltage difference, Kindle supports 100-240V…sweet.

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Image Source : Yutaka Tsutano


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