It’s Your Turn to Review!

Have you always wanted to tell us what you think of our books, but have never been able to? Here’s your chance!

Pratham Books invites you to write reviews for our books, to be published on our website and blog! The first few respondents will be mailed a copy of the book. We even have a special category for children’s reviews, so now your kids can also contribute and tell us what they think! To make it more fun, you can submit your reviews in any form you choose – text, video or both! Reviewers will also be sent a complimentary book for their efforts!

So what are you waiting for? Mail us your choice from the list mentioned below, and write to us at [email protected], naming the book of your choice along with your contact details and we’ll mail you your book.

Click here to view the list.

1. This offer is only available to Indian residents currently.
2. Please remember to include your choice of book, your postal address, language of the book and whether the book is being reviewed by you or your child.
3. Hurry!!!! Only one book as per the list below will be sent out for reviewing.

The books that are currently up for review are:

Age Group : 3-6 years

1. Tall…Taller…Tallest – bilingual in English and Hindi
2. Found It At Last! – bilingual in English and Kannada
3. Round and Round – Hindi
4. The Royal Toothache – English

Click here to read more about these titles.

Age Group : 7-10 years
1. Jhilmil – Hindi
2. Phani’s Funny Chappals – English
3. Cheenu’s Gift – English
4. Samira’s Awful Lunch – English
5. Yakity Yak – English
6. Sister, Sister, where does thunder come from? – English

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Age Group – 11-14 years
1. How the Rainforests Came Alive – Hindi
2. Raza Meets the King – Hindi
3. Happy Maths 4 – Time and Money – English
4. From Submarines to Skyraiders – Dragonflies and Damselflies – English
5. Raja Nang Dhadanga Hai – Hindi
6. Grandfather Goes on Strike – English
7. Asian Splendor – English
Moorgi Ka Nirala Bachcha – Marathi

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