“It’s an Ambitious, Disruptive, Paradigm-Shifting Idea” – Vinayak Varma on the #6FrameStoryChallenge

The sudden flooding of 6-frame stories has encouraged us to pay more attention to illustrations, especially without having text to rely on. Don’t you just love it when you come across illustrations that inspire curiosity? Vinayak Varma’s visual narrative has successfully captured the wonder with which a child looks at the world around her. How many dragons could you spot?
Vinayak is one of the 8 Illustrator Gurus of the #6FrameStoryChallenge and will be involved in the selection of the winning entries.

Here’s why he decided to participate:

“I decided to support the 6-Frame Story Challenge because of the tremendous impact that a copyleft story-building platform can have on children’s publishing in India. It’s an ambitious, disruptive, paradigm-shifting idea that can completely alter the way content is delivered to children and educators in the future, and it’s encouraging that an influential organisation like Pratham Books has espoused it. It sends a strong message to the the Luddites in the publishing and education fraternity: that the new media should be embraced and not feared, a reminder that the internet was built expressly to expedite the transfer of knowledge (and cat memes). As for the illustration challenge itself, I found it a nice little diversion from the more restrictive client-defined projects that otherwise bog me down, so it did my morale a lot of good!”

(Vinayak Varma has illustrated for Duckbill, Scholastic, Puffin, Hachette, Harper Collins and Tulika. He is the founding editor and former art director of Brainwave magazine, and the author-illustrator of Up Down. Visit his studio at www.mixtape.in and www.fb.me/mixtapecreative.)

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If you missed the #6FrameStoryChallenge, but are inspired by the work of fellow illustrators and want to contribute to the open source story platform – do send us your stories! Story guidelines are available here.

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