India’s Online Millions

An interesting article in The Week on the rise of a new networked-generation in India. As interesting as this trend is, it also portends of a more involved generation and that has the capacity to upend industries. Think music. Think movies. And for us, Pratham Books, a whole new way to interact with readers and have them interact with our material.

Welcome to the life and times of the Virtual Generation, or Gen V. This is a generation that is defined more by its online presence than the physical; a generation that is not restricted by parameters like age, locale or social standing, but is unified instead by its footprints in the frontier country of cyberspace. It is a generation that is exploring the endless and surprising potentials of a world that, though created by humans a few decades ago, has taken over a life of its own. It is evolving rapidly, popping up unexpected opportunities at every turn, and lassoing more and more real people into its fold, many of whom then take on multiple virtual persona, crowding cyberspace even more. In this virtual world order, age-old norms and principles, to which real-world society conformed, are being edged out quite unceremoniously.

“The Future Is Here; It Is Just Not Widely Distributed Yet” — William Gibson


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