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Via in2books (via Publishers Weekly)

In2Books deepens students’ reading and writing skills with adult mentors, a m
otivating curriculum, and technology. Students get authentic practice reading and writing by reading books with eMentors and sharing ideas about the important issues in the books via online letters.
The In2Books program enables a community of learners – students, educators, families, community organizations, corporations, and mentors – with its intriguing collaborative learning experiences and thought-provoking books. By reading, writing, and thinking about the same books and using related In2Books resources, this continuous support network develops intellectual relationships that challenge and motivate students. At the same time, students gain insight into how adults think about books and express ideas, and learn about diverse interests, points of view and career choices.

How does In2Books Work?

With In2Books, 3rd – 5th grade students:
  • Are connected with carefully screened adult pen pals
  • Select and read 5 books closely each year
  • Have engaged Adult pen pals read the same books
  • Exchange 6 online letters each year with their adult pen pals (One “Getting to Know You” letter, Five book letters – about the important issues in the books)
With In2Books, teachers:
Reinforce and extend the learning with in-class book discussions and related instruction in genre and literacy skills.

You can read more about this project here.


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