How Much Should an E-Book Cost?

In February, we had a blog post on the cost of e-books. Today we came across another article which talks about the how much e-books cost and the result of people’s perceptions of the cost on the publishing industry. When David Baldacci’s novel “First Family” went up for sale on Amazon last month, the e-book was priced a little over $15. But this price was not acceptable to the readers.

Several posted reviews objecting that the electronic edition of the book wasn’t selling for $9.99, the price Amazon has promoted as its target for the majority of e-books in the Kindle store. Hundreds more have joined an informal boycott of digital books priced at more than $9.99.

“I love Baldacci’s writing,” wrote one reader, who decided not to buy. “Sorry Mr. B — price comes down or you lose a lot or readers. I’ll skip your books and move on!”

It was a chilling sentiment for authors and publishers, who have grown used to an average cover price of $26 for a new hardcover. Now, in the evolving Kindle world, $9.99 is becoming the familiar price. But is that justified just because paper has been removed from the equation?

Publishers are caught between authors who want to be paid high advances and consumers who believe they should pay less for a digital edition, largely because the publishers save on printing and shipping costs. But publishers argue that those costs, which generally run about 12.5 percent of the average hardcover retail list price, do not entirely disappear with e-books. What’s more, the costs of writing, editing and marketing remain the same.

“What a consumer is buying is the content, not necessarily the format.”

The doomsday scenario for publishing is that the e-book versions cannibalize higher-price print sales. Publishing houses, already suffering from the recession, could be forced to cut author advances or lay off more editors.

Read the entire article here.

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  1. Indiana Dating May 20, 2009

    I supposed to suggest that electronic copies of books should be the same with the hard copies.. The point is they have the same content but not the same physical appearance.. but still the same tittle same copy right…


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