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Chanced across ‘Gobar Times’ while I was trying to find the link to the post on ‘Disgustingly Cool Books for Kids‘ (On a side note : I was looking for this link because one of our Twitter friends asked us if we could recommend activity books for kids between the age groups of 12-14years. Do you know of any books we could recommend to our friend? Please leave a comment at the end of this post. Thank you!)
So, the hunt for one link led to the discovery of ‘Gobar Times’. Gobar Times magazine is a children’s magazine on the environment and is brought out by the Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment.
Gobar Times, is a monthly magazine for those who know ‘environment’ envelopes the entire planet and everything that lives and breathes on it, but are impatient to know more. It is for those inquistive explorers who are adventurous enough to dig below the surface and end up with a gold mine…of stories, games, posters and much much else..
Though primarily targeted at students, of course even adults love reading GT as it not only provides a fresh perspective and new ways of looking at environmental issues, but does so in an engaging, attractive and humorous way.
Visit the Gobar Times website to read their latest issue.

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