Feasibility of the Laptop For Rs.500

On 3rd February, 2009, a $10 laptop (Rs 500) prototype went on display in Tirupati (Read post here). But some people are questioning the feasibility and sustainability of this venture:
Via guardian.co.uk

Rajesh Jain, managing director of Netcore Solutions and a pioneer of low-cost computing in India, said: “You cannot even [make] a computer screen for $20. And India does not build much computer hardware. So where will the savings come from?”

Some bloggers today saw the new laptop as nothing more than a “souped up calculator”. The scepticism was summed up by Atanu Dey, whose blog read: “If the government could pull-off a near-impossible technological miracle, does it not imply that the entire global computer industry is either totally incompetent or else it is a huge scam which produces stuff at very little cost and sells them at exorbitant prices.”Officials have been reluctant to talk about the project ahead of the launch, however, one did say that costs have been kept low by using students and researchers to do much of the designing. He said that in 2007 the cost was $47, but further refinements meant it dropped dramatically.

We just have to wait and watch to see if this laptop makes its way onto the streets.

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