When people talk about saving the environment or reducing your impact on it, it is not just the big things that count. Small things like recycling paper, insisting upon being given a paper carry bag instead of a plastic one, closing the taps while you brush your teeth, etc are just few of the ways in which you can contribute. Oh yeah, we forgot, you could also use Ecofont! Did a bewildered expression just creep across your face as you read that? Well, fret not! Read on…

Via msnbc

A Dutch company looking for ways to reduce the environmental costs of printing has developed a new font that it says cuts ink usage by about 15 percent.

In essence, the “Ecofont” has little holes in the letters.Spranq, the Utrecht-based marketing and communications company that designed the font, struck on a Swiss-cheese design after failures with earlier experiments using thin letters and partial letters — like the stripes of a zebra.He concedes the font isn’t beautiful, but says it could be adequate for personal use or for internal use at a company.Spranq offers the font free on its Web site. Zomer says his site saw a spike in traffic last week as word of the Ecofont began to spread.


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