Green Print: Software Goes Green

Remember the post on Ecofont: the font that cuts printing costs by reducing the ink usage by about 15%. Now there is a software that saves trees, cash and headaches!

Via CNN.com

It’s happened to all of us: You print something from the Web, and all you get is a sheet of paper with nothing but a URL or something equally useless.

New software is designed to prevent printing blank pages from the Web, its inventor says.
This printing pain in the neck happened to Hayden Hamilton so much that he invented a solution: GreenPrint, software that analyzes what a computer sends to a printer.

It looks for pages that have no type or just a few lines of type (users can set the parameters). Then, the software automatically eliminates these pages from the print job. Users can reselect the pages if desired and deselect any other pages they don’t want to print — say, the pages of legal jargon at the end of an airline reservation. The software lets users eliminate images from a print job — for instance, the maps generated in online driving directions — thus saving ink.”We estimate if [GreenPrint] got into widespread use, in the U.S. alone it would save tens of millions of trees a year and hundreds of millions of pounds” of polluting carbon-dioxide gases. But now, GreenPrint is offering a free version of the software for non-business use, supported by advertising. Tens of thousands of people have downloaded the program in the weeks since its January 28 debut. “Our goal is nothing short of ending wasteful printing worldwide,” Hamilton said.

Tell us about how you/your company is doing their bit to ‘go green’.

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