DVD Style ‘Special Feature’ for E-books

As e-book readers are not the only device for people to read e-books, Random House UK is providing special features for its audience that reads on their computers.Via The Afterword

The initiative, called Book and Beyond, launched yesterday. The ten titles in the series so far includes Lee Child’s Nothing to Lose, which is packaged with an animated graphic novel and Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, which gives the reader the option to listen or read the book as each chapter begins. The memoir of the Canadian metal band Anvil is also available, complete with a video interview with the band, and an enhanced version of an currently un-named Irving Welsh book is in the planning. What they do with that one could be interesting.
The special features do not work on e-readers, but as RH’s digital publisher Jonathan Davies told Bookseller: “While today the portable devices don’t have video playback, one day in the future they might.The project is in some ways about learning by doing and these are baby steps.”

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