DOCOMICS Brings Manga and Marvel Comics to Your Phone

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Continuing with its earlier offerings of comics on the mobile medium, Tata DOCOMO, a GSM mobile services operator in the sub-continent, will now be delivering the world renowned Manga and Marvel comics to its subscribers.

In October, 2009 Tata DOCOMO unique industry first m-Comics service, tagged as Comix on the Go; offering its customers the enthralling experience of reading full comics books on the portable mobile devices along with special effects like character vibration, sounds, zooming text bubbles, and above all downloads smoothly on a 2.5 Edge Network.

Continuing with the service of the ‘Comix on the Go’ Tata DOCOMO has launched DOCOMICS that will entertain the readers with popular Marvel titles like Spider-Man, X-Men, Civil War and Japanese Manga titles like GEOBREEDERS, TAMAHAGANE, AQUA PLANET CHRONICLE, Silent Mobius Complete Edition, SHINESMAN, and Old Friend.

In India, the market for mobile comics is significant with the number of customers with rich-media devices increasing rapidly. Tata DOCOMO leads the way in providing largest range of comic titles read by all genres and we are looking forward to the uptake of comic books as a new revenue driver for the company and the industry at large.”

The introductory charge for the service has been fixed for Rs 15/- per comic chapter and there will be no data charges in home network.

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