Digital Diaries : Season of Logging Bugs

Today’s report was sent in to us by Yamini :

Over the past 6 months, a whole bunch of new words and terms have seeped into our daily vocabulary. Our day-to-day conversations are sprinkled with ‘expected behaviour’, ‘log a bug’, ‘de-scoped’, ‘bulk upload’, sub-optimal’… well, you get the drift. In preparation for two new digital initiatives that are launching soon, we have spent a LOT of time ‘testing’ and ‘logging bugs’, so much so that on a late evening last month, real bugs started to invade our office and pester two of our team members who were logging bugs (we’re not joking), leaving them terribly disoriented. Testing alone can be a bit of a lonely affair, but testing in a group is usually fun, especially when there is something to munch on.

Below are a few photos from these ‘testing times’ that have certainly sharpened our observation skills, and introduced us to the quiet glee of spotting mistakes and logging bugs (well, it’s an acquired taste, really). Before joining Pratham Books, many of us hadn’t been exposed to so many diverse Indian languages – especially the written word – but we’re slowly beginning to notice and appreciate tiny details about various Indian scripts. In the photos below, the team is playing around on StoryWeaver (Pratham Books’ upcoming open-source story publishing platform), creating new stories, admiring different fonts and well, logging bugs as usual.

Digital Diaries aims to document the ups and downs, the curves and bumps, the little mistakes and big learnings of Pratham Books’ exciting journey into the world of digital books, publishing platforms and a lot more.


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