Digital Diaries: Parties Come in All Shapes and Forms

Last week, this really amazing thing happened at Pratham Books. We picked a day on which the entire PB team – sitting in different parts of the country – spent a few hours proofreading the stories that have been uploaded on to StoryWeaver. Is the author’s name correct? Does the synopsis read correctly? Are the reading levels mentioned accurate? Does the story itself have any missing pieces? That sort of thing.
Now we understand that a Proofreading Party doesn’t sound like the kind of party you’d want to go to. But it felt so wonderful, having the entire team come together to push StoryWeaver to a better place, all in just half a day. And what’s even more awesome is that we have people in our team who speak a wide, wide variety of languages: Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu… we have a LOT covered. Ah, the perks of retaining diversity!
On StoryWeaver, all the proofreading happens online and we were delighted to learn that people were able to spot and make edits really easily. Here are glimpses of the Proofreading Party. While everyone looks worryingly serious (“See how hardworking we are?”) in these pictures, we can assure you that it wasn’t as grim as it seems.

So come join our next Proofreading Party?

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