Dedicating a Book on Thumbsucking

Natasha Sharma, author of the book Anaya’s Thumb, asks ‘To whom do you dedicate a book on thumb sucking?
Every dedication that I put in, means a lot to me. I like to connect the content of the book, to the person I am dedicating it to … well, in most cases other than in my first book, Icky, Yucky, Mucky!. The dedication, to Sidhant, Antara and Sunish is for their encouragement to my writing and their tolerance for hearing the same story over and over again, in its many forms. It wasn’t inspired by them (just making sure we are quite clear, given the content of the story).
However, what does one do when a story such as Anaya’s Thumb is indeed inspired by one of my offspring? It becomes a rather delicate matter. Do I say, ‘For ______ for inspiring me with your lip sucking? May you stop soon!’ or ‘For _________. I’ve tried everything! I’ve even written a book on it! NOW STOP!’?
Find out on Natasha’s blog. And then follow it up by reading the book in English/ Hindi/ Kannada/ Marathi/ Telugu or Urdu.  Also, you can get your own copies to gift to the little thumbsuckers in your life.

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