A Critique of India’s IP Regime

Via Spicy IP, an interesting article by Latha Jinshu on the limitations of our copyright regime and why it needs to be diluted.

It’s a pity that India has not learned some lessons from its partner in the promising new IBSA alliance which brings together India, Brazil and South Africa. We have not had the liberating experience of having a culture minister from among the creative community nor sadly have we had a leader who was able to visualise new ways of harnessing culture as a tool for bridging the difference in our deeply divided society. The Internet does not figure even remotely as a creative space that can yield huge dividends.

Prashant responds to the article and in concluding says:

My point therefore being that all is not lost Ms. Jishnu – there is more than just a ray of sunlight for the copyright regime and cultural production in India. In fact I would say that the sun is shining bright over the Indian copyright regime and we must recognize the efforts of those few bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen who have played an important role in cultural production by encouraging an accessible cultural regime either through the innovative use of the law and through innovative business strategies.


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