Cook Up Stories with the Retell, Remix and Rejoice Contest

Today is World Storytelling Day and if you’ve been following our work, you will know that it is also time for our annual Retell, Remix and Rejoice Contest. The contest started in 2010 and every year we wait to see the new remixes our community will come up with.  Did you know that one of the submissions to our contest even got selected, tweaked and published by another publisher. Awesome right? Ok, off you go … put on your thinking caps and send us your whacky remixed story.

Here’s your chance to wear that author hat and get scribbling (or typing if you prefer!).

What you need to do: Check available illustrations. Choose 8-10 illustrations ONLY (don’t count the cover page illustration) and remix them. Cook up a wonderful new story. Write your story and email it to us. Be creative, be original!

If in doubt, take a look at the sample story written by our editor Mala Kumar – ‘The Magic Puddle in Rubbakkadubukku’.

The first prize winner gets a printed, laid-out version of the winning story. 
Click here to download the illustrations, contest rules and the remixed book, all at one go.
Contest guidelines
  • Contest will be for three categories : Above 16 years,  below 16 years and a collaborative category. The collaborative category can be between an adult and child, an adult and few kids, only children, etc
  • You can send in your entries in English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil or Urdu.
  • The theme for this year’s World Storytelling Day is ‘wishes’. You can choose to use/not to use this theme in your story – it is optional.
  • Please use only 8-10 illustrations for your story (excluding the cover picture).
  • When you create your story, please include the images you are using along with the text you write.
  • You are free to send in multiple stories.
  • Please send your entries in PDF, Word or Power Point format to [email protected] along with your name, age, language of entry, category of entry with the email subject line as “The Retell, Remix, Rejoice contest”
  • The contest deadline has been extended  to 30th April, 2015
  • Results will be announced on our blog and website on or before May 31, 2015.
  • Got any queries? Email us at [email protected]
*By submitting your work you agree to a “Creative Commons – Attribution license” (CC-BY) being applied to it. While we encourage participation from all countries, prizes shall be couriered only within India.
In case the winning entry is not from India, we will lay out the book and send you a high res pdf to print locally.

** All the stories will also be the first community stories to go on to our upcoming story publishing platform ‘StoryWeaver’

Good luck everyone! Happy remixing!

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