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(Today is World Turtle Day and we are posting a series of posts related to turtles on our blog today. Learn about turtles, download our book ‘Turtle Story’, learn about organisations working in the field of turtle conservation and learn how we can help the conservation effort.There are seven known species of turtles in this world’s oceans and all are listed as either endangered or threatened.)

Watch a short story about a sea turtle’s life in a coral reef affected by pollution.

An observation made on the Students’ Sea Turtle Conservation Network can make kids think about how our actions could be harming turtles.
Another unusual occurrence this season was the relentless attack by a species of predatory red ants. Possibly due to the large quantities of garbage on the beach, some of which is buried in the sand, these ants breed under the surface and attack the hatchlings as they emerge from their eggs. SSTCN volunteers kept monitoring round the clock, and after some experimenting with different materials, discovered that neem cake helped repel these ants to some extent. The problem was thus largely brought under control, quite early in the season.
Our book ‘Turtle Story’ includes a message about Olive Ridley’s and how one can protect sea turtles. Please click on the image below for a larger view.

Via World Turtle Trust

Threats currently facing sea turtles include:

* destruction of coral reef
* loss of nesting beaches through human development activities
* pollution of the oceans by chemicals and garbage
* harvesting of turtles for their shells, leather, and meat
* poaching of turtle eggs
* death in driftnets, gillnets, shrimp trawling nets, and other fishing gear
* a mysterious and fatal disease called fibropapilloma, whose cause and cure are still unknown, and which is at epidemic levels in parts of Hawaii and Florida, and other areas of the world.


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