Children Book Series on Climate Change

Isn’t it supposed to be raining at this time of the year? The weather patterns have changed. During summer, fans hardly provide a respite from the increasing heat. Sigh, blame it on climate change! A new book series to teach kids about the perils of climate change is now available.
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Pachauri was speaking at the launch of “SOS: In Extreme Danger”, an environment primer for children. The slim volume is part of a Save Planet series of 10 books, published by Pearson Education and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).”It is in the hands of the children to try to change their own lives towards greater protection of their environment and all our natural resources. This series is aimed at providing children with knowledge on what needs to be done in all these areas,” Pachauri, the director-general of TERI, said.

“The reality of climate change poses a grave danger for the current generation and those to follow. They will have to bear the brunt of the impacts which are to take place. So children have an interest in seeing steps being taken to stabilize the earth’s atmosphere and climate. It is important for children to understand the influence of human actions on the earth’s climate and the measures that can be taken to control it.”

Other titles in the “Save Planet” series are “Green Genuis Guide: What are Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydro-power and more”, “How Come: How So”, “The Amazing Journey of a Soda Can”, “The Quickest Way to Increase Your Green Quotient”, “Endangered Life on Land – Struggling to Survive”, “Future Power Energy” , “Nature’s Fury: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis”, “101 Facts: Renewable Energy” and “Reduce. Refuse. Recycle.”

Read the entire article here. You can place an order for the book here.

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  1. Roger June 25, 2009

    A good idea, since it is our kids that will have to fix the problems we are creating. I just can't fathom the reasoning of people who have no vision for the future and others.

  2. Children's books about nature February 15, 2011

    It is good that the kids are being exposed to those children books focused on nature. It is good to know more about nature, so as to preserve the mother earth. Thanks for this very good article.


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