Chamblin’s – An Infinite Bookstore

Sigh…Any bibliophile would love to get lost in a bookstore like this. From books on birdhouses to books on running and walking (and even books on eggs and cheese), you will find a variety of books to keep your mind occupied in this bookstore.

Via BoingBoing

Jeff Vandermeer sez, “My video narrated by a visitor supposedly lost for days, showing just how ridiculously large and multi-faceted the Chamblin Bookmine is. Using stop-gap photos I recreated my path through the bookstore in Borgesian fashion. With incidental music by The Church. In a day and age when most bookstores are dying, this organic behemoth, which changes every day due to the volume of incoming and outgoing books, is still going strong…”

Via Ecstatic Days

The thing about Chamblin Bookmine is that they take everything–I mean, everything–of any possible value. With the result that you can even find, in addition to truly precious first editions and limiteds, you get such specificity of subject it’s insane.

You can also take a look at the photos on Flickr.


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