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SoundCloud is profiling users who are using Creative Commons licenses and Pratham Books was the first to be interviewed for this series.

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In 2008, they started releasing books under Creative Commons licenses, and earlier this year collaborated to release audiobook versions of some of their titles, also using Creative Commons. We caught up with Gautam John from Pratham Books to talk about how SoundCloud has helped them distribute their audiobooks online. Hello Gautam! Can you describe the goals of Pratham Books, and the kind of audio you’re producing? What is the background behind that? We didn’t set out to produce audio books – we set out with a mission to put a book in every child’s hand. That said, we have always wanted to be as inclusive as is possible but as a small non-profit, we do function under severe constraints of time, money and bandwidth.
What are some of the difficulties in producing a project that spans so many languages? For us, we face challenges of translation and all the other associated problems of proof reading. However, the production of the audio books was done with Radio Mirchi – we have them to thank for this.Is there any book on SoundCloud that you’re most proud of, or has an interesting story behind it’s creation? Yes! In particular, Moon and the Cap. Barkha Deva, who follows us on Twitter and is an avid supporter of our work shared her experience on Twitter and then volunteered to and did record this one along with Radio Mirchi.

Moon and the Cap- English by prathambooks

Read the entire article here.


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