The Second Season of #PhoneStories is Here!

The first season of our #PhoneStories took you right into the forest. The second season which launched on 26th January, 2018 takes you into the world of Miss Laya.
When someone says ‘PT teacher’, who do you think of? Someone big, strong and perhaps a bit strict? Well, what if you had a games teacher who wore funky tracksuits and sneakers and came to school on a fantastic motorbike? Well, we know a games teacher just like that and we want you to meet her!
The first of a brand new set of #PhoneStories from Pratham Books, Miss Laya and her Fantastic Motorbike embark on a new adventure every Friday. Kind, strong, and full of fun, Miss Laya loves to help people. The books have been written by Mala Kumar and illlustrated by Abhishek Chaudhury.

Watch the first two episodes below and look out for the next two episodes on StoryWeaver

You can also watch the stories in Hindi and Marathi on the StoryWeaver Youtube channel.


Also, during the month of February, our Missed Call Do, Kahaani Suno campaign is on and you can hear about Miss Laya’s adventures (along with other books) 
3 easy steps to listen to a story for FREE
Step 1: Give a missed call to 080-33094244 
Step 2: We’ll call you back and you can listen to stories in English and Hindi
Step 3: To listen to more stories, simply give a missed call again.

Deepak Chandra, a Donate-a-Book campaigner, wrote to us about how he used the ‘Missed Call Do, Kahaani Suno’ facility in his classroom.

I read about “Missed Call Do, Kahaani Suno” from one of Pratham Books’ newsletters and right away, I knew that I should tell my kids about this opportunity. I went to the class equipped with speakers and gave a missed call and then there it was “Aaloo-Maaloo-Kaaloo” coming out of the speaker. Kids were so excited and yet sat really quiet so that they could hear the story. I gave this task as a homework and about 50% of the kids actually gave a missed call to hear stories. 

 I really appreciate Pratham Books’ effort to reach as many kids as possible, “Missed Call Do, Kahaani suno” is going to be a great way to do just that. All of the kids in our rural school have access to phones and now, they have access to beautifully woven and engaging stories.

So, go ahead and listen/watch/read these stories and don’t forget to share them as well!

Update : Episode 3 and 4 from the series are below:


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